Privacy Policy

This Privacy Notice explains how the Gordon Fraser Charitable Trust uses any personal information that is supplied by a charity seeking a grant from the Trust.

A grant application gives not only details of the charity but also the name of the representative of the charity making the application. This representative will be the contact in any further communication about the application and either the email address supplied or an email address on the charity's website may be used in subsequent communications from the Trust

A grant application also gives a short description of the charity and details of the project for which support is requested. If a grant application is unsuccessful the record of the application is deleted from the charity's records.

The details of a successful application are recorded in a database maintained by the Trust. These details consist of the name and address of the charity, the name of the contact making the application, the amount of the grant awarded and a brief indication of the project that the Trust has agreed to support.

An individual who has made an application on behalf of a charity has the right to request a copy of any personal information that the Trust holds about them.

The Gordon Fraser Charitable Trust will not share the details supplied by an applicant charity with any person unconnected with the Trust or any other organisation.

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